America: Hawaii Oahu, Maui & Big Island

The subtropical climate, rugged nature and beautiful beaches are some of the ingredients that make Hawaii a dream destination. There are a total of 137 islands, which were formed by volcanoes, and of which only eight are inhabited. The six largest islands are Big Island Hawaii, Oahu, Kauai, Maui, Molokai and Lanai. They each have their own charm, history and unique character. This special American state is known for its friendly residents, who welcome visitors with wreaths of flowers.

What the islands have most in common is spectacular nature with steep rocky coasts, beautiful flowers, green rain forests and high waterfalls. The capital of Hawaii is Honolulu, located on the island of Oahu and on a beautiful bay with the dormant volcano Diamond Head in the background. Here you will find the long sandy beaches of Waikiki Beach and the Pearl Harbor naval base. The north coast of Oahu is known for the highest waves in Hawaii and is the playground for many experienced surfers who are looking for the perfect wave. To really experience Hawaii it is best to combine a visit to several islands. During our 10-day trip to Ohau, Maui and Big Island, you will have the opportunity to visit three islands.

There is no shortage of beautiful resort hotels; and visitors are pampered in luxury and in style of the islands. The Royal Hawaiian Resort is a must in Waikiki and the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai on Big Island. Hawaii has enough to offer for a stay of 2 weeks or longer, but can included in your journey to California or Canada.


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